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Our site contains information about the renewable ownership, engineering, and consulting services
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2015-12-18 The henwood.biz settlement system for power purchase agreements offered by our
affiliate Powersoft, LLC has been expanded to include 7 types of contracts.

2014-12-03 Salmon Creek Hydroelectric Project achieves COD under a PG&E ReMAT contract

The Re-MAT Mechanism: A Look at Prices and New Plants analyzes whether the
mechanism will induce new hydro in PG&E's territory

Power  Contracting for Legacy Small Hydro Facilities in PGandE’s Service Territory -
limited options

2010-02 Henwood Associates inks contract for output from the Graeagle project.    

2009-09 Henwood Associates assists PCWA to evaluate two conduit hydro sites.

2009-06 Tunnel Hill completes the Tunnel Hill site and commences operations

2008-08 Tunnel Hill completes the Buckeye site and commences operations

2006-10-23 HAI affiliate Tunnel Hill Hydro inks contracts with Pacific Gas and Electric, Co.

2005-04-15 HAI affiliate White Mountain Power LLC acquires the Cottonwood Canyon Hydro